Are Rats Lurking Around Your Home?

Keep rodents away by scheduling wildlife control services in North Fork, Oakhurst & Auberry, CA

When you realize you've got a rodent infestation in or around your house, you'll want to schedule wildlife control services in the North Fork, Oakhurst & Auberry, CA area as soon as possible. Your attic or crawl space is no place for rats and raccoons.

Rodents are not only annoying and intrusive, but they can also cause serious property damage. Whether you need rat removal or bird control, you can rely on Central Sierra Pest Control, Inc. for an effective solution. We provide wildlife control services for:

Birds and bats | Raccoons and skunks | Squirrels and chipmunks | Mice and rats

Contact us today to discuss your rat removal needs with an experienced exterminator based in North Fork, Oakhurst & Auberry, CA.

wildlife control services

We'll keep the animals outside where they belong

When you choose Central Sierra Pest Control for wildlife control services in or near North Fork & Oakhurst, CA, you can rest assured we'll rid your property of whatever animal has invaded your home or commercial building successfully. We will:

  • Set up effective rodent traps
  • Place bait boxes outside
  • Restore your attic to its original condition
  • Discuss future invasion prevention tips
  • Back our work with a 30-day warranty

Don't let squirrels become regular house guests. Call Central Sierra Pest Control today to schedule wildlife control services in North Fork & Oakhurst, CA or the neighboring communities.